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An Adelaide based Design and Engineering Company, Innovact Consulting, embarked on a mission in 2017 to achieve certification to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems. Innovact’s Project Manager, Mark Rosiak, contacted JLB Management Consultancy to partner towards achieving this Certification.

Innovact Consulting has an impressive 30 year history incorporating Product Design and Engineering Design Experience at the highest levels. Some of Innovact’s work includes developing consumer products, industrial products, medical devices, aquaculture products, defence related equipment, heavy engineering devices, mining equipment, air-conditioning products, electrical products as well as electronic components and products developed from composites, metals, thermoplastics and alloys. Innovact’s team of design engineers have extensive experience within Australian and International markets and the qualifications to show for it.

JLB has been Australia’s leader in management systems development and implementation for over 30 years, specialising in developing and implementing tailored Quality, Environmental, Safety, Asset Management, Information Security and Integrated Management Systems across a wide range of industries. The Company has proudly assisted more than 1, 000 clients through to certification and many more through to a state of absolute best practice.

Innovact sought the services of JLB in order to further develop the existing business processes and exceed industry standards in quality management. Innovact’s IP Adviser and Office Administration Manager, Katherine Robertson, and Project Manager Mark Rosiak worked closely with JLB Consultants Sean Bates and Dan Hadley to develop the Quality Management System, associated documentation and implement best practices that would enhance the already dynamic culture to increase output, maintain product consistency and deliver a consistently great service.

Mark Rosiak sought the growth and outward display of Quality that Innovact needed in order to show compliance and verification to clients throughout the world. “JLB has partnered with us in order to revise our standards, policies and practices. We have changed how we view quality throughout the whole business as opposed to just an outcome of design or production. We have seen the benefits of this level of positive change already.” Rosiak said.

JLB Managing Director Sean Bates was pleased with the results of the Quality Management System implementation and the certification with DNV-GL that followed. “It’s always positive to see a client develop so rapidly and eventually reach an international standard of quality. Innovact is a prime example of a medium sized business reaching the highest levels of quality and best practice normally seen in international companies” said Bates.

JLB and Innovact set out to develop a tailored Quality Management System, incorporating vital aspects of Innovact’s unique industry. JLB leveraged years of experience in this field combined with good critical, as well as logical, thinking on the part of Innovact’s team to see the outcome achieved. Following this implementation, the Company has been audited and certified by DNV-GL. This audit process ultimately demonstrates to key external stakeholders such as clients, tender panels and Government bodies that a business is dedicated to quality across all of its operations and dynamic internal culture.

Quality is a key component of business across all industry sectors, but is of great importance to best the unique challenges that the engineering industry presents. The International Standard for, Quality (ISO 9001:2015), is not simply a box ticking exercise or presenting a certificate on the wall, but ensuring standards in all commercial aspects are met ensuring consistency, sustainability and continual improvement.

Quality Management System Consultant

Dan Hadley

Dan Hadley is one of JLB’s senior Management Consultants. Dan is an M.B.A. graduate with the London School of Business & Finance majoring in Management Consultation and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) majoring in Economics and Management. Dan provides services in Quality Management, Change Management and Commercial Best Practice Consultation; Dan is also an active board member of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC).

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