Raptis Seafoods - Safety Management System


 JLB has proudly assisted A.Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd since 2011. JLB assisted Raptis Seafoods to develop and implement an AS 4801 compliant safety management system into their seafood processing plant in Adelaide as well as their fleet of fishing vessels that operate in the Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery.

More recently in 2017 JLB assisted Raptis Seafoods to adapt their system to incorporate the legislated requirements of the Australian Marine Safety Authority’s for domestic commercial vessels. Importantly the management system was readily adapted by JLB Consultants to address AMSA’s introduction of vessel safety management systems in 2016. The proactive approach taken by Raptis Seafoods and JLB included an arranged review of the revised system by Staff from AMSA with all Masters operating their Southern Division fleet.

The review took place at Port Lincoln wharf on-board one of the fishing vessels; a passing grade of 99% was achieved by the Masters using AMSA’s verification tool. JLB proudly continues to assist Raptis Seafoods through the annual review process of the vessel safety management system.

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