Adelaide hosts Australian Space Agency Conference


Friday 17th August 2018 saw Adelaide hosting an exciting conference as the newly found Australian Space Agency (ASA) presented its outlook on the future of the space industry in Australia.

The newly formed Agency has only been established this year, bringing Australia into line with all other OECD countries that possess a Space Agency arm. The formation follows development from  September 2017, at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide where Senator Simon Birmingham announced that the Australian Government would launch a national space agency following an expert reference group investigation lead by Dr. Megan Clark ex-chief executive of the CSIRO.

On 14th May 2018, Senator Michaelia Cash announced the official launch of the Australian Space Agency, with the 1st July 2018 the formal commencement date. The ASA will be located within the Industry Department in Canberra, and Dr Clark will be the inaugural Chief Executive of the agency for at least the first year.

The Agency has four core responsibilities:
•    To support the  progress and development of Australia’s space industry so that it can compete effectively in the space industry
•    To coordinate domestic activities in Australia’s space industry
•    To engage closely with key industry stakeholders, including governments, to identify opportunities to achieve competitive advantages and create a modern and competitive space industry in Australia
•    To facilitate international space engagement through policy and industry forums in order to build the networks required to develop Australia’s space capability. This is aimed at assisting Australian industry players to access global supply chains.

The Agency will also administer legislative arrangements for Australian civil space activities, ensuring that these activities are in Australia's national interests and align to its international obligations in space.
As part of the Australian Government's 8 May 2018 budget announcement, $26m in development seed funding over four years from 2018 was authorized to establish the Australian Space Agency. The Government also kicked in a further $15m for international space investment starting in 2019.

The industry also saw presentations from other associated bodies and departments including the CSIRO and local Government that covered a range of topics including:
•    Earth observation (EO);
•    Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT);
•    Space situational awareness (SSA);
•    Communications technology;
•    Robotics and automation;
•    Research and development; and
•    Areas of competitive advantage that Australia can leapfrog into.

The open forum lead to discussions of new technologies, quality standards in the space industry as well as the applications and economies of the space industry in Australia. One of the stand out points taken from the discussion was the value in firms holding ISO 9001:2015 certification if they wish to enter large industry supply chains.

Where all Australian forums are/have been held:

•    ACT session - 13 August 13:00-16:00;
•    NSW session (TBC) - 15 August 13:00-16 August 16:00;
•    SA session - 17 August 13:00-16:00;
•    Qld session - 20 August 09:00-12:00;
•    WA session - 22 August 2018-16:00;
•    VIC session - 23 August 2018-16:00;
•    NT session - 27 August 13:00-16:00; and
•    TAS session (Teleconference) - 29 August 13:00-16:00.

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