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QHSE - Small Business Code



What is QHSE?

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental

TQCSI's QHSE Code is the first recognised, publicly available standard incorporating quality, health & safety and environmental management system requirements.


Primarily developed for businesses to satisfy pre-qualification requirements of government agencies and major customers, the Code is based on and complements the international standards for quality (ISO 9001), health & safety (AS 4801) and the environment (ISO 14001).


QHSE certification satisfies most government departments for pre-qualification of subcontractors and is a ‘stepping stone’ towards ISO certification.

How we can help

  • We make the implementation process more efficient and effective (achieving certification more quickly), promoting team involvement and cultural acceptance
  • We identify your present system and ensure your business has addressed the basic business elements of QHSE
  • We write the manual in your own terminology to reflect your business
  • We train all employees/staff in your QHSE System
  • We train your Internal Audit Team and conduct the first audit
  • We ensure a continuous improvement program operates with the minimum of fuss
  • We prepare you for third party certification
  • Given modest management support, we guarantee certification
  • We offer a fixed quote, up front, which will ensure costs do not blow out.

Most importantly, we make the system work for you, not by changing your business, but merely by documenting your processes and ensuring your staff follow those processes.








JLB TrackPlus

JLB TrackPlus is an electronic monitoring and reporting tool, specifically designed to simplify maintenance of management systems and demonstrate legislative ISO compliance.




Quality House Watch

Quality House Watch is a service we offer at JLB, that monitors relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standards, and safety data sheets for you.


Quality House Watch ensures you are notified of any changes, eliminating the arduous information search process involved, as JLB does it all for you.